Milo Three Ways

I've got this little Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin loveseat for sale @here and I think it's such a versatile piece...The original upholstery is in decent enough shape to enjoy for many years to come, however it's classic lines and designer pedigree make it the perfect candidate for reupholstery one day. Here are some looks I'm digging...along with some other products I've got for sale right now...

side tables // kilim cushion

kilim cushion

brass tray table // kilim cushion


Rebellious May

Feelings on May...

A Fresh Feminine Palette + Vintage Quirk + Modern Pop + Not Giving a Damn = Old School with new vibes. May is about changing up your style...and not apologizing for it! Mix the colors! Mix the patterns! All of it...just do it! Be rebellious and love every minute of it my friends xx


Marbled Wallpaper

Loving this look...

I think this paper is especially nice because of its neutral tone. Best part? I found it @here for under $50 a roll!

Subtle variation is good, right? Tell me, where would you use marbled wallpaper in your house?


Happy Clutter 

A couple of nights ago we met some friends at a restaurant in our neighborhood and afterwards we made our way back to our house for a nightcap. It was the first visit for them to our home, and it was so fun to see them discover each room and point out their favorite things. Sharing my home is absolutely the best part about owning it!

Later on, one of our friends was telling us about her roommate, who is a professional organizer. Their apartment is minimally white, clinically clean, and sterile in a very zen way.

She was mesmerized by all of the happy clutter and collections all over my home, most likely because her current living situation is anything but that. We talked about the pros to living without clutter. I must say, it's sort of intriguing to me. However, every time I get on a minimalist kick, I always come back to the clutter.

Happy clutter is the best kind of life complication in my opinion. Even though I know it needs to be dusted and organized regularly, it brings me up when I see how the little ecosystem in my home has come together.

Are you a lover of clutter? Here's some looks that are inspiring me today...



A Lavender Moment for Me

When I was a young girl, my room was painted a punchy lavender. I say punchy, because it wasn't pastel really. It was a lavender with a healthy kick to it.

I was actually going through a bit of a tomboy phase, so pink was just too girly (even though it's a favorite of mine now). I guess I have always pretty much had an aversion to blues and greens, and yellows and oranges on walls make me want to scratch my eyes out (yes, still).

Lavender was a good moment for me and I've been thinking about it a lot recently as the colors start to turn. I could use a bit more of it in my life...

Mixed with warmer tones, it's starting to feel very interesting to me...

What are your thoughts on Lavender...?