Floating Shelves in the Living Room

We have four fireplaces in the new house. Yes people, {FOUR} fireplaces. Here's a view standing in our living room peeking into the dining room...

No, they're not glamorous...none of them have mantles {yet}, but they are the original coal burning ones from 1910 when the house was built. So. Much. Character. So much to love. 

In the living room, the plan is much more about layering textures than the bold color look. I'm all about neutral walls, the roughness of the original brick and the tonal loveliness of the original pine floors. I'll most likely mix in a layered seagrass rug along with patinaed brass accents and seeded glass lamps, etc.

Instead of a heavy-looking total built-in around the fireplace, we've opted for the airiness of floating shelves...Something like this is the look I'm after...

I think we'll end up adding extra molding around the fronts for a thicker look and certainly run them all the way to the tip top of our 10' ceiling! I'm already dreaming about how to style them up!

Tell me- have you ever built floating shelves before? Any tried and true tutorials you've followed? 



Demo Day Is Finally Here

The first time we set foot in our new home was January 10. It was a cold, rainy day and I had just had my eyes dialated at the eye doctor's. Bundled up, wearing my shades, I stumbled into the dark, cold house and thought to myself, "Huh, this place has got some potential..." 

We put an offer in a few days later {another cold, rainy day} and so it began. The past few months have been long and arduous. To tell you the truth, I've been sick of looking at the house as it was, and it felt like the day would never come that we'd finally get to make it our own. Well my friends, the day has indeed come.'s not so pretty...but it is progress... 

You are looking at our downstairs half bath, kitchen & backyard err trash dump. As you can see, it was rainy and snowy today too...I'll take it as a good sign. I can't wait to share with you all the plans for these spaces. Stick around for the next couple weeks months as the prettiness begins to unfold! xx



California Spanish Revival 

A week or so ago I acquired a Spanish Revival-style console table for a steal and I'm completely smitten with it, even though it's not something I'd necessarily gravitate towards naturally. It looks a little something like this...Except my table is even more spectacular {if I do say so myself} has hand-carved starburst detailing throughout and spindle legs. To die for. 

Anyway, ever since I claimed the table as my own, I've been subconsciously {or maybe consciously?} pinning rustic, modern California Spanish Revival everything...

The look is so liveable, so casual and effortless. I like it best when mixed with colorful textiles and art, so I'm thinking this is more the direction I'll be heading in my own home.  

Have you come across any great finds recently? Do share!  


Shine Craft Vessel Co.

I'm {brimming from ear to ear} with pride over here. My husband is amazing in many more ways than just one, but one in particular is so over the top exciting right now and I'm just {dying} to share it with you!

He's been working the past few months on producing a line of reusable craft beer growlers and barware...please allow me to introduce you to...

Shine vessels are finished entirely in Virginia by local Virginia businesses. They are produced in small batches with extreme attention to detail every step of the way. They are pieces of art really...completely concepted, designed and produced by my better half.

I think my favorite is the Regal Red...

But I'm also partial to Muni Yellow...

Which is kind of crazy to me because I don't even like the color yellow. It's just. that. good. 

The first 100 growlers are available @here, and let me just say that I have a feeling they won't be around for too long. How amazing would one of these be for your guy's birthday, maybe a Father's day surprise, or even as bachelor party gifts? Possibilities are endless! #freshfillsforever

You can find Shine on Instagram @here and they're also on Tumblr @here

I'm endlessly inspired and amazed by my husband almost on a daily basis. I'm his biggest fan and I feel so fortunate each and every day to call him mine. Life is good people. Give your favorite person {or pooch!} some love this weekend! Happy Friday/Saturday/Sunday friends! xx


Horizontal Stripes 

You know the old adage that says a woman should never wear horizontal stripes because it adds lbs in the most unflattering of places? Well, I think I've been sort of following that same motto in design too. Horizontal stripes on the wall have always made me feel uncomfortable for the most part. Vertical...ok. Horizontal...just no. 

However some pics I've spied recently that are making me change my tune...

I think alternating colors or widths of stripes is making this look feel very current to me. I also love the idea of a super small scale stripe on the walls in a tiny space. It's the best way possible!