I'm Ready For My Closeup

Sorry for the radio silience over in these parts. The truth is I've taken on a bit more than I can chew at the moment and I'm trying to stay afloat.

But don't think I'm complaining one bit! My tiny life is beyond my wildest dreams at this point. I'm renovating the house of my dreams {only 1 month to go!!}, my husband's entreprenurial venture {@here} has more than just taken off, it's exploaded, Rare & Worthy's sales are greater and more consistent than they've ever been, I've got retail development projects swirling around in my head, and my partnership with PoshBrands has provided me with the most amazing opportunities! 

Speaking of...this evening, I'm jetting down to Tampa to shoot a pilot episode for a new tv show! Mum's the word right now...but let's just say it's for a {major} cable channel and it'll focus on some of the more outrageous design work we do at PoshTots

Who would have thought I'd be adding actress to my resume??

I'll be back next week with lots of fun updates xx


Pulling Together the Dining Room

I've had a deep love for peacock mirrors for some time now...

I put together a Style Board @here featuring one. The look is also very much in line with the whole Spanish Revival vibe I talked about @here too. 

Anyway, I finally pulled the trigger tonight and purchased this beauty for our new dining room...No, it's not antique, but it is affordable @$150...that's 50% off the original price! Purchase yours @here

I figure now is as good of a time as ever to share some thoughts on how I see the dining room coming together. This beauty will hang over the fireplace {you can peep it @here}. I pulled an antique French Empire chandelier out of an Estate here in Richmond a couple of months ago that is absolutely jaw-dropping, and that'll be a main focal point. I also purchased this ceiling medallion to hang with it...

Good, right? And the ceiling walls will be painted a dark aubergine color...something like this...

We'll be using our Mid Century parson's style dining table and 70's Mod Tucroma chairs that I talked about in this post...

Our bar cart will live in one corner...

And a TBD lacquered modern china cabinet will live in the other {something with fretwork detailing, like this maybe}?...

For the rug, I think something washed out-looking in a light palette and of course pooling, silk drapes and brass curtain hardware! 

What do you think...dramatic enough for an intimate dinner party?? I sure hope so! xx



Memory Books

A singular obsession? Power in numbers? Either way you slice it, matchbooks are the coolest.

I wish I could go back and collect one from each of my most favorite restaurants and bars from around the world. Tiny, well-designed memory books.

No other souvenirs needed from now on : )...........Unless we're talking {carats}...if so, then keep talking. 


Emanuela Di Filippo

Be still my heart...

I've been thinking about expanding my collection of original art once we move into the new house. My heart pitter pattered when I came across the work of artist Emanuela Di Filippo. I love the tonal color blocking and who doesn't need a well dressed, mysterious man in their life. 

Her originals are super affordable and effortlessly stylish! Pick one up for yourself @here


Floating Shelves in the Living Room

We have four fireplaces in the new house. Yes people, {FOUR} fireplaces. Here's a view standing in our living room peeking into the dining room...

No, they're not glamorous...none of them have mantles {yet}, but they are the original coal burning ones from 1910 when the house was built. So. Much. Character. So much to love. 

In the living room, the plan is much more about layering textures than the bold color look. I'm all about neutral walls, the roughness of the original brick and the tonal loveliness of the original pine floors. I'll most likely mix in a layered seagrass rug along with patinaed brass accents and seeded glass lamps, etc.

Instead of a heavy-looking total built-in around the fireplace, we've opted for the airiness of floating shelves...Something like this is the look I'm after...

I think we'll end up adding extra molding around the fronts for a thicker look and certainly run them all the way to the tip top of our 10' ceiling! I'm already dreaming about how to style them up!

Tell me- have you ever built floating shelves before? Any tried and true tutorials you've followed?