Steady As a Rock

I'm a simple kind of lady. I like pretty, sparkly things. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but there are other rocks that are a bit more realistic to sprinkle around your home...


Geodes, agates, name it. These rocks are steadily becoming the coolest accent for any room. Get the look with these multi-faceted accents...



side table // rug // lamp // tray // candleholders // pillow // planter // art 


Mudcloth Love

These new pillows in my Hunters Alley Shop are everything...I came across this fabric and had them custom made just for you all! They have the prettiest pink welt trim and the pattern is perfectly matched on the front and back. I think mudcloth is just the most fantastic accent fabric. Not sure how to love it in your home? Check out these mudcloth beauties...

I personally would style these pillows a little something like this...

pillows // settee // framed scarf // coffee table // seagrass stool // floor lamp // mask print // black paper print // elephant photograph // throw // rug 

There are only 2 pairs available...better snatch one up for yourself before they're gone! Happy Friday/Saturday/Sunday! xx


Designer to Love: Nate Berkus

There's no real mystery here...if you check my Pinterest boards or take a peek into my home, you can surely see I'm a pretty big fan of Mr.Berkus. I find his style to be so versatile. Equal parts masculine and feminine; modernly sensible with strong vintage appeal. Cozy, yet refined; earthy, but also glam and drama-filled...

Want to get the look in your own home? Follow these rules and you'll be on your way...


Thinking about June

The idea of a coat rack has always seemed kind of dated to me. However, now that I don't have any proper place to store my wintry things in the new house, I've realized how necessary one can be.

The one above provides the perfect pop of color in this otherwise monochromatic entry. I am also loving the bit of vintage appeal and nostalgia a coat rack can provide. I'll be scanning CL later to see what I can find.

Can't wait to start sharing some pics of how styling is coming along at the house. Follow me on @Instagram for some sneeky previews! 


Another Year in the Books

Today is my birthday and it marks the last year of my 20's. I feel relaxed and confident in who I am. I feel strong and calm. I feel insatiably hungry to create.   

The past year has been filled with so many challenging and yet incredibly rewarding ups and downs. At the end of the last year of my 20's, my family and I live in a new {100+ year old} home, surrounded by all of the beautiful things that we love and have spent a short lifetime collecting. My husband and I are fully self-employed and we get to march to the beat of a different sort of drummer. We are surrounded by friends and family who are inspiring and encouraging. Our hearts are very full with love and gratitude; love for eachother, love for the life we have created for ourselves, gratitude for the future.  

This year is feeling pretty powerful already. xx