The Future is Exciting

There are so many {fantastic} happenings buzzing around in my little life right now, I thought you nice people should be informed about some things. Where to begin...

On the professional front, Rare & Worthy has grown a little too big for her britches! Between managing 4 retail channels in addition to working on our own direct retail site, we've decided we needed a new home. That's right people, we have a LEGIT office, warehouse space and photo studio now. We were introduced to the most amazing people at PoshBrands a few months ago, and we've decided to date for a bit <3

If you're a new mom {or about to become one} chances are you've heard about PoshTots before. They sell the "most extraordinary children's furnishings in the world," and let me just say, I'm ready to relive my childhood over here. I'm not {quite} in the lifestage to be concerning myself with things like gliders and princess cribs, but I respect the business they have grown and the relationships they have built with so many amazing manufacturers.

Because of these relationships, they've also created a luxury living brand called PoshLiving.

This is where I come in.

I've signed on board to help revamp the product offering, site and marketing plan for PL, as well as keeping up my day job here at R&W. We've got BIG plans for these two brands. We'll be working on product development and exclusives with our manufacturers and we've got A LOT of other tricks up our sleeves too! 

I feel so fortunate to become a part of the PoshBrands family and I am looking forward to what the future has in store for us all!

***It feels shiny and bright***

I'll unfold a bit more about some exciting things next week! Happy Friday/Saturday/Sunday friends! xx


Multi-Purpose with a Purpose

As more and more people are warming up to the idea of open-concept living, multi-purpose rooms seem to be common fixtures on design blogs and in glossy mags these days. From tiny city apartments, to sprawling country estates, I think there's something appealing in the idea for about every type of dwelling.

I've got to say, the concept makes sense in theory {who needs an entire room dedicated to formal dining anymore?} but the key to success is scalable furniture and a room configuration that lends itself to usability. When it works, it works...

A unified palette really helps too. Interested in getting the look in your own space? Check out these key pieces... 



The Right Amount of Excess in Madrid 

My interest was peeked once I spotted the dining room above. The space is in Madrid, and was designed by Leticia Martinez.

The mix of retro, graphic cool with luxe modernism is simply too good to be ignored. And it is no surprise to me that the rest of the home is also {just that good.}  I love the color palette and the justaposition of modern lines with glamorous textures. Mirrored, metallics, chrome, brass, all works to just the right amount of excess in my book. I still have yet to tire of looking at it. Good things happening here! xx   


Tumbling Block Floors

Earlier today I was reminded how much I am in {LOVE} with the tumbling block pattern after I rediscovered this beauty from KWID...

So bold, yet so chic in this tone on tone style with the wood finish peaking through. If you remember, I painted a dresser in this pattern @here, but I'm thinking a tumbling block floor is in my nearest of near futures...


Collection Envy: The Hermes Ashtray

When I was in Paris last year with my Mother, we spent one afternoon shopping the high end boutiques on Rue du Faubourg, and {OF COURSE} a major highlight for me was the flagship Hermes boutique. Lots of beauties caught my eye, but none so much as the iconic Hermes porcelain ashtray. 

I don't smoke, but can't you imagine such a lovely tray to corral all of your odds and ends. Beside a bedside or in an entryway...pure magic! 

For sure the next collection on my radar...