Letting Go Of Perfection

This sentiment is so necessary for me this Monday morning. My whole life, I've been striving for this unrealistic ideal in everything I touch. I'm officially taking a stand against the idea of "perfection" today. 

Who cares anyway?

Over the weekend I picked up a {gorgeous} antique English Sheraton Style China cabinet for my dining room for the craziest affordable price ever. I think it's from the late 20's/ early 30's and is just a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The lady explained to me that she's "redecorating" and since this piece "wasn't perfect" she wanted to get rid of it and start afresh. Seriously, besides a few scratches on the baseboard, it was in almost pristine condition, especially considering it's nearly 100 years old. I told her "that's OK, nothing's perfect in my house anyway."

I thought about it after I said it {nothing is perfect in my house} and for the first time, I was truly ok with it. I have a dog that sheds all over the carpet, I've got upholstered chairs with piping pulling off, I've got awkward sized rugs pieced together in every room, and mismatched lighting from all different periods all over the house. i let dust collect everywhere, I throw my clothes all over my dressing room, and I have a few kitchen cabinets that are a disaster {thank god I didn't go with glass paned doors}! 

It's. not. perfect. I'm. not. perfect. 

But's it's ok, because nothing really is. I've decided I'd rather be really good at being imperfect than inevitably terrible at being perfect anyway. 

Here's to hoping you'll let go of perfection this week too! xx



Vintage Charms

I'm an avid vintage jewelry lover. I can't tell you the last time I bought a piece that wasn't vintage that I grew to truly love. Just to name a few; I've loved an antique Sardinian engagement ring I purchased when I was in a mountain village in Italy, I wore a silver embellished brooch from the 1940's in my hair on my wedding day, and at any given time I've got on a collection of my mother's gold bangles from the 1970's jangling on my wrist.  

I'll share more snippets from my collection with you some other time, but for now I'll tell you the reason I love vintage jewelry so much is to carry on the story of other women from other places and other times. I'm pretty sure that a piece of every woman who has worn that treasured necklace or bracelet is still there with it. I love that these pieces transcent life itself and I love that a piece of me carries on through every piece I've loved.

Charm bracelets are particularly special. Check this beautiful necklace out...

 It reminds me very much of Jackie Kennedy Onasis' charm bracelet that was auctioned off for charity in 1996...

Can you imagine the stories and memories these pieces must have to tell??

I hope I have a daughter someday to share all of the pieces I've collected over the years with, but if not, I know they will be loved by someone like me xx


OKL Inspired

I try to keep my OKL shop fairly well curated- a good mix of decor and furniture for many different styles. However, sometimes I think it can be challenging to figure out just how to style vintage pieces and mix them in with your existing decor. This challenge is even more magnified when you're pulling a room together from scratch.

I thought it'd be a fun exercise to share with you some of my current favorite pieces that are live in my shop and how I'd style them.

First up is this {Asian style ming settee}... 

chairs // coffee table // art // side table // rug // floor lamp // table lamp // floral pillow // leather pillow // green pillow

To me this piece is really special, because more commonly, you'll see a pair of Ming style chairs instead of this larger settee. I think it would be perfect in a formal setting like above, but could work at the foot of a bed too. This piece has the loveliest peach silk upholstered seat, and I think it'd be dynamite with a dark, hunter green wall. 

While a decidedly more relaxed vibe, this {rattan sofa} and {pair of tortoise side tables} are just as statement-making in my opinion...

stools // rug // cushion fabric // pillows // sconce // table lamp // green abstract art // ice cream art

I think the key to having this room feel so liveable is the mix of textures. For the most part, the palette is fairly neutral, and could certainly be mixed up seasonally!

Another cozy sitting nook, I'm in love with the idea that this {Indonesian table set} and super traditional {Gilt Federal Style Mirror} could exist together...

sofa // table lamp // floor lamp // wall shelf // picasso art // oranges art // blue pillow // tiger pillow // rug 

To me, this table set is so versatile. Here I've used the "coffee table" as a side table and the two side tables pushed together as a coffee table. Pull the tables apart- use one as a plant stand- the possibilities are endless! This mirror is a true find too- it's hand carved, which is super rare for Federal mirrors these days, and has a new piece of beveled glass- which makes it super usable.

Lastly, how about using our {Gilt Tortoise Mirror} with our {Ming Chest} in the entryway... 

Flush mount fixture // sconce // art // hand chair // umbrella stand // rug 

Sure, this take is decidedly girly, but again, these pieces themselves are so versatile. They work wonderfully in an entry, but picture them at the end of a hallway or that weird corner nook of "unusable" space, etc. If you're unsure about Asian, this Ming chest is a great piece to get your feet wet. The finish is unbelievable on it- almost looks like marble from afar. And of course you can never go wrong with a little faux bamboo!

Keep checking back to the OKL shop for more inspiration, and if you like me sharing with you how I'd style my pieces, let me know and I'll make this a regular series here on the blog! xx 



An Acid Washed Green Moment

Whether it be De Gournay florals, lush tufted velvets or patinaed copper...acid washed greens are certainly having a moment. I'm loving them mixed with tonal brights {tangerines and chartreuses feel fresh}...and eventually layered with jewel tones like eggplant and chocolate for fall. 

I think the key to making such a strong color work is to start off small- a throw or a pillow would do, then layer, layer, layer! 


DIY "Art" & Covered Parsons Table

The walls in my living room are painted a creamy white and I always thought I wanted a neutral, textured room, and there are certainly elements of that happening in here, but I've got to do me! I love colors, but more than that, I love patterns, and this room is full of them now!

These two DIY projects that I finished up a couple of weeks ago are certainly contributing to the situation developing in here.

I've had this old, resin parsons table for years now...


It's a great, versatile piece, perfect for layering, etc., but I was never in love with the 70's orange finish...duh. I thought about painting it or trying a faux finish on it, but I've been seeing a lot of tutorials recently on covering parsons style pieces, so I thought I'd give it a try. 

All you need is some Mod Podge and some thinner fabric- drapery weight is great, a printed cotten is ideal. For this project, I used a couple of yards of Robert Allen's Indigo Ombre fabric @here. I Mod Podge'd the entire table, then started wrapping each leg with the fabric first. I finished off with the table top, then just folded the corners as neatly as possible...

It's not perfect, and definitely looks better from some angles rather than others, but I love the custom look of it for very little $$! The indigo blue is so lovely, and I love it layered with the brass trunk underneath. 

I followed the same sort of technique for the art panels. Michael's was having one of their Buy One Get One sales and I picked up two large canvases. I always thought I'd paint a sort of abstract piece and call it a day, but when I happened upon four yards of Kelly O'Neal's hand printed snake linen fabric, I just fell in love with it. 4 yards is a weird amount really, I couldn't cover a whole chair with it and wouldn't have enough for two ottomans, so I thought hanging it on my wall was a great way to enjoy it everyday!

I covered my canvases in Mod Podge and layed the fabric on top. I wrapped it around the edges and ended up with this...

I used continuous fabric so it seems like the snakes are floating between the covered panels. I also installed brass corners on the canvases for a more finished look.

I ended up switching out the shag rug I had in here for a more colorful Kars-Style Persian one I picked up off of Ebay a few months ago...

So much for peaceful neutrals I guess! Now on to finding the perfect fabric to recover those chairs... xx